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Dennis A Timmons/President and CEO

Hanley Chan was a former police officer for Department of Defense and San Francisco Patrol Special Police, Aviation Ordnancemen in US Navy/Army Tanker in Army National Guard, instructor for US Department of Labor Jobcorps, EMT skills instructor for Unitek Education, EMT for American Medical Response, and a CEO/president/security instructor for Security Intelligence Specialist.

Hanley Chan has over 22 years of security, medical, teaching and law enforcement experience. Hanley has over 100 plus certification, license, and credentials. He currently works for University of the Pacific as an Public Safety officer.

He is an life member of International Police Association, American Board of Homeland Security, National Rifle Association, American Legion, Disabled American Veteran, and International Association of Law Enforcement Instructor. He has memberships with Fraternity Order of Police, International Brotherhood of Police Officers, National Tactical Officers Association, California Association of Tactical Officer, International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, Northern California Intelligence Center, FBI Infragard, California Association of Licensed Investigators, American Federation of Teachers, and California Association of Licensed Security Agencies, Guards and Associates.

Instructor certifications

Hanley Chan/Security Consultant/Chief Instructor 

Dennis A.  Timmons is the Director of Emergency Services for Military Ocean Terminal Concord, Concord California. He is an experienced security professional with over 36 years of experience specializing in physical security, law enforcement, active shooter training, privacy compliance, operational risk, critical infrastructure and high-risk security operations for the Department of the Army.

Dennis, served 26 years in the Army as a Military Police Officer. His assignment covered a gambit of locations and duty positions which included but not limited to Police Investigations, Criminal Intelligence, High Risk Person - Protective Service Officer. He has operated all over the world and has participated in several conflicts including the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq. 

After the Army, Dennis entered into the civilian work force for the Army as an Antiterrorism Officer for an Army Transportation Organization responsible for moving Military Cargo throughout the Pacific through the California Ports.  He assisted and authored port evaluations and exercises highlighting “insider threats” and identifying vulnerabilities as well as solutions for both Military and Civilian Seaports throughout California.

As the Director of Emergency Services, Dennis authored several full scale exercises which concluded with an Active Shooter event. He is considered an expert in the field and his exercises and training curriculum is used as a model for Law Enforcement and Emergency Services agencies.       

*POST AICC Academy Instructor 

*POST Driver Awareness Instructor 

*POST Driving Instructor

*POST Defensive Tactics Instructor 

*DOD INWIC Non-Lethal Weapons Instructor

*BSIS Baton Instructor 

*BSIS Firearm Instructor

*Monadnock baton instructor

*NRA Pistol Instructor 

*NRA Pistol Councilor 

*Glock Instructor 

*Glock Armour 

*Red Cross Instructor 

*American Heart Association Instructor 

*Emergency Care and Health Institute Instructor 

*American Health and Safety Institute Instructor

*National Safety Council Instructor

*BJJ Black Belt instructor 

*New Mexico Tech Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing Instructor