HC Solutions Inc.


BSIS Course

Security Guard Card
Proprietary Security Guard Card
Firearms Permit
Additional Caliber Certification
Firearms Requalification
Baton Permit
Baton Refresher
Taser Certification
OC Pepper Spray Certification
Basic Handcuffing Training
Use of Force Training
Public Relations Training
Observations and Documentation Training
Radio Procedures Training
Emergency Response and Communication Training
Post Orders and Assignments Training
Officer Safety Training
Evacuation Procedures Course
Drivers Safety Course
Handling Difficult People Training
CQB Tactics Training
Basic Handgun Safety Class Permit
Fingerprinting Roller Certification
Crowd Control Training
Advance Handcuffing Technique Training
Combat Jujitsu for Bodyguards
Intro to Bodyguarding
Bail Enforcement Training
Intro to Homeland Security Training
NRA Basic Pistol Certification
CQB/CAR/Dynamic Handgun Course
Verbal Judo Training
Knife Disarming Techniques Training
Combat Security Medical Tactics
Advance Security Guard Training
NRA Pistol Instructor Certification
Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing FEMA (for Law Enforcement and FEMA trained)
Active Shooter for Civilians
American Heart Association
CPR/AED/First Aid Heart saver
Basic Life Support for Health care provider
Advance Cardio Life Support
National Safety Council
CPR/AED/First Aid
Emergency Medical Responder course
Advance CPR/AED
Bloodborne Pathogens
American Health and Safety Institute
Basic First Aid
CPR Professional Rescuer
Bloodborne Pathogens
Emergency Oxygen
Child and Babysitting Safety
Advanced First Aid
Emergency Medical Response
Advance Cardio Life Support
Pediatric Advance Life Support
Wilderness First Aid
Wilderness Emergency Care

American Red Cross
CPR/AED/First Aid
CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers
Bloodborne Pathogens
Basic Aid Training
Emergency Medical Response
Wilderness and Remote First Aid
Pet First Aid
Pandemic Flu
Business Continuity Planning
Be Red Cross Ready
Family Guide to First Aid and Emergency Preparedness
Master of Disaster
Swimming and Water Safety
Babysitter’s Training
Nurse Assistant Training
Family Caregiving
Non Security Course
Dental Assisting Certification
Private Investigation Certification
Certified EMT Certification NREMT
Brazilian Jujitsu
Sniper/SWAT school from O.K.I.